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This is a quick, easy-to-use online grade calculator to calculate your letter grade. Unlike most calculators you can store your grades and update them throughout the semester.  We calculate your grade for you. Whether you are in high school, college, or other educational institutions.  Using this website is how you can calculate your grade. 

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Step 1: Manage Grade Range Profile. Used to set up the grade range for your school or a specific course.

     Example: If your school has a single grade profile, then name the profile MYSCHOOL.
                        If your school has different profiles depending on the course, then name the profile MYSCHOOL INFS123

Step 2: Manage Class Grades. Used to enter your grades, the total points possible, and the percentage.

   Example: You need to create a Class Grade Profile at least once.  If you all your scores summed together equal 100% of your                      score, then you can enter only one entry. If you have quizzes worth 10% of your grade, mid-term worth 30% of your grade, and the final worth 60% of your score, then you need to enter three entries. You only need to enter the minimum grade to achieve each letter grade. 

Step 3: Calculate Grade.  Go here to get your score which is calculate automatically by


DISCLAIMER is not responsible for any incorrect information and/or calculations performed using this site. This site is meant to only to help students calculate grades, etc. It is suggested that you verify your results calculated from this site with your teacher/professor before making any important decisions regarding your grades.


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